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Social Media Management, Website Design & Management, SEO, Graphic Design, Sales Systems and Helping you Get More Clients

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(Usual public price at approx: QAR32,300/month)

30-days money-back guarantee

Round Media is currently offering this special offer to help businesses go through the COVID-19 crisis and save on similar services' recurring monthly costs. The current limited pricing offer is due to end with 24hrs. We've temporarily extended the current price for a short period due to high demand, so make sure you act now.

Are you ready to Build Your Online Empire in Only 21-Days With up to 90% discount on all OUR MARKETING services?

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Start using our service and enjoy up to 90% discount

Save up to
QAR 32,000


For the first time, and for a limited time, Round Media presents a Unique Offer that will turn profits for Small businesses in Qatar in less time and effort.

Save up to QAR 32,000 (Thirty two Thousand Qatari Riyals) monthly by using this offer right here down on this page


50% to 90%



Round Media offers
THE opportunity for
long-term business RELATIONSHIP & growth

For the first time, Round Media offers a discount rate on all our services and presenting it in One Package, and a One Time Offer that will take your business to the next level

This offer is valuable and will seriously leave QAR 32K in your pocket every single month.

We’re here to help you make those savings starting today, but it’s important that we first introduce you to

Who We Are, What We Stand For, And Why You Should Work With Us!

Round Media is a Qatari company based in Doha, in its core values, takes the initiative to help people and organizations to achieve more results, simpler, faster, with minimum resources.

We deliver business process automation using the latest software technologies to execute recurring tasks or processes in a business where the manual effort is replaceable to minimize costs, increase efficiency, and streamline operations.

Round Media’s people are solid entrepreneurs with 15 years of experience in the Qatari market developing high converting websites, creative designs, and serving customers with online marketing services that is guaranteed to turn into profits

Best of all, we know what works, so we will work together with you to build your

Now let me start telling you about the offer, we have to first agree that the reality in today’s world is you need

Why you MUST NOT use facebook & instagram profiles only to run your business

You may say, I will go cheap, and use Facebook or Instagram profiles only to run my business.


Let me tell you the harsh truth.


It’s really cheap, and that’s a feel-good plan for newbies who don’t understand that Social Media platforms actually aren’t made to run a business.


Instead, it’s to be used as a marketing tool to bring in business. And most importantly, you don’t own the platform.


And FB/IG/TW or any Social Media platform do basically own your information, and the harsh truth is you are a product for them – they use you! Wanna know more about this?

Feel free to go here and read for yourself ->

For instance, if you rely only on FB, they have the right to remove your page or ban you from using the account for weeks, months, or maybe a decade.

You must have your own business website

Plus a website that works to convert customers from Social Media or search engines (such as Google/Bing ..etc.).

Moreover, your social media accounts must only complement your marketing channels. 

The best practice is to post and publish your product stories & updates consistently and invite people to your website

Back to what we are here to Offer For You today 

Here’s our original Price break down per service

You see, that’s a total of QAR 32,300 per month, where they do not need any developers, designers, freelancers, and marketing enthusiasts. We do all of these services in-house every month for them.


At least 3 months commitment
QAR 3,230
/ Month
  • Logo and Branding Guidelines
  • Website Design & Management
  • Social Media Content (Design & Text)
  • SEO Services
  • Copywriting & Translation Services
  • Sponsored Advertising Campaigns

I have to confess that we’re not cheap compared to other companies when it comes to price…



But quality matters for us, we prefer to give you a quality service than waste your time!



And honestly, no one wants to end up getting a lower tire service and remember it’s not about the price as of now; it’s about cost over time.


We always go above and beyond to deliver the best services to our clients. None of them has ever complained, so we have 100% customer satisfaction.



…. and we always ask them for feedback, when they don’t like the service and aren’t satisfied, we encourage them to ask for their money back!


We Offer 100% Worry FREE & Money Back Guaranteed.

And suppose a customer isn’t satisfied with the services we deliver,


we eventually do not want your money.


Instead, we aspire to be Thanked! for the service and efforts we put into people’s businesses and help them make a fair decision to be successful and enjoy our services for a long time.

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