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Top 3 Mistakes Most Businesses in Qatar Do When it Comes to Generating Customers For Their Business

These mistakes are costing them money and losing them clients ferociously to competitors. Below are the top 3 mistakes 1- Relying on social media websites as their primary business presence2- Unclear cost OR DO Not know how much it cost them to acquire a new customer3- Paying 5K and sometimes 50K QAR for social media influencers to advertise them just like everybody else Why do we think these are mistakes, and what are the consequences? Keep reading 1- Social media platforms have their rules and policies, and the platforms are owned by someone else; for instance, if you rely only


Why Reputation Management is Important for Your Business

We live in an era of constant social-local-mobile interaction. Every local business is bound to receive its share of negative reviews. As a matter of fact, a profile of nothing but glowing reviews can actually look suspicious to your customers.