Top 3 Mistakes Most New Businesses in Qatar Do When it Comes to Generating Customers For Their Business in 2020

Businesses in Qatar are found to be doing mistakes that are costing them money and losing them clients ferociously to competitors.

Below are the top 3 mistakes

1- Relying on social media websites as their primary business presence
2- Unclear cost OR DO Not know how much it cost them to acquire a new customer
3- Paying 5K and sometimes 50K QAR for social media influencers to advertise them just like everybody else

Why do we think these are mistakes, and what are the consequences?

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1- Social media platforms have their rules and policies, and the platforms are owned by someone else; for instance, if you rely only on Facebook, they have the right to remove your page or ban you from using the account for weeks, months, or maybe a decade. So you should have your business website that converts customers coming from different sources such as social media and google search.

Your social media should only compliment your marketing channels, and the best use is to post and publish your product stories & updates consistently and invite people to your website.

2- Paying for influencers and fashionistas is not a bad strategy. Still, it’s just like everybody else, even the results that come out of it may negatively impact your business, neither the cost is reasonable enough to generate consistent monthly income.

When you’re like everybody else, you remain like that. Instead, you can use paid advertising on different platforms that can show you numbers and market to the 3% of the market that are ready to buy your products/service now.

3- Knowing your numbers as a business owner and how much it costs you to get a new customer is crucial to your business’s success. If you do not know how to measure your marketing efforts, how much would you expect to invest in marketing?

If you are a business owner yourself, you should start fixing these issues starting today.

We at Round Media can help you do that. Through our free consultation sessions, you can get away with a clear roadmap and a plan for your website, content, and digital marketing.

We also help you build a website that converts customers, equipped with water-tight marketing systems, to turn your advertising into profit.

We also know what works for your business and what doesn’t, and how to market and sell your products online through inbound marketing effectively.

We are offering free consultation sessions for businesses in Qatar, if you’re interested, click the link below book a call using our calendar with us and we’ll call you.

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